Banyan Arts offers workshops using the Expressive Arts for rehabilitation, confidence and well being. We work to give disadvantaged communities a voice to share their stories and experiences using supportive inclusive creative processes to create awareness and promote understanding.

Who we work with

We currently work with a wide range of communities including Stroke Survivors, people who are living with and effected by brain trauma their families and carers. We also work with young women with mental health issues, intergenerational and BME groups and people living with dementia using Reminiscence Arts work.

We are passionate about

Working with people and seeing the creativity that we all naturally have!

We firmly believe in the power of the arts as a tool to bring about positive change and as a channel for everyone to share experiences and stories of struggles and strengths. 

We are also passionate about partnerships and the huge advantages of working together with other organisations to learn, grow and deliver the best projects and services.

Background to Banyan

Katherine has always been passionate about the arts and the positive impact they can have on a person's self esteem, communication and self expression.  In 2011 she was awarded a teacher's grant from The Goldsmith's Company to research Intergenerational Theatre and the Arts in America. While their she spent time with inspiring organisations such as Elders Share the Arts and Alzheimer's Poetry Project and realised how much of a transformative impact the arts can have on health. She was also able to explore Expressive Arts for Health work in Hong Kong at the IEATA conference and witnessed the wonderful work happening globally. This inspired her to explore and work towards creating arts for health opportunities in the UK and North East and she set up Banyan Arts CIC together with Director Stephen Simpson in 2017. 

Sunderland Creative Expression Group 001

I'Working with Banyan Arts has provided a great opportunity for me and my Dad to enjoy a creative experience together .

What's New

Life After Stroke: Past, Present and Future

This project worked to preserve the historical, cultural, social, health and wellbeing heritage of the people involved in
and affected by the stroke condition. Funded by The Heritage Fund North East and delivered by  The Stroke Association, with Banyan Arts and Heritage
partner Living History North East
The project provided stroke survivors and their carers with skills to research the history of the stroke
condition, using existing archive resources and creating a new oral history  collection.

See our new digital resource and hear from some of these amazing people!

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